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Grow Your Own ECE: Nurturing and Supporting Talent

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EST

Join the National Early Care and Education (ECE) Workforce Center for the final installment of our Grow Your Own campaign series,“Grow Your Own ECE: Nurturing and Supporting Talent.” This session is scheduled for April 24, 2024, from 12-1:30 p.m. ET, and will offer invaluable insights on how Grow Your Own nurtures the skills, knowledge, and talents of the ECE workforce.

In the final webinar of the campaign, we will delve deeper into understanding how Grow Your Own helps to address some of the most pressing challenges facing child care, such as high turnover, program quality, and family engagement.

Webinar Highlights:

1. Learn how these initiatives foster a supportive environment for the ECE workforce

2. Hear from a panel of ECE practitioners implementing Grow Your Own at the program-, city-, and state-levels

3. Learn about actionable steps that you can take to adopt and support Grow Your Own initiatives in your community

4. Have your questions answered by expert panelists and engage in a dynamic discussion with colleagues in the field

Who Should Attend?

1. ECE systems and program leaders and educators

2. Faculty at institutions of higher education who want to learn more about ways to partner within their communities to support the ECE workforce.

3. Funders interested in learning more about innovative strategies to invest in ECE systems-building efforts.

4. Community leaders and those interested in workforce development.

About Grow Your Own:

Grow Your Own is an umbrella term that describes the many equity-centered, community-driven, and holistic approaches designed to help communities support, strengthen, and sustain a strong, well-qualified, experienced, and diverse early educator workforce by nurturing the talents that already exist from within it. These initiatives aim to remove barriers for those entering and staying in the ECE field, thereby strengthening communities and supporting the ECE workforce.